We came, we learnt, we laughed, we cried at the 2019 National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo!

NCFC2019 audience

NCFC2019 audience


OMG, that was BIG. Bigger than ever before. Very close to 400 souls came together in Albury a fortnight ago.

Every event had well over 130 people to it. Our Carbon Cocky Awards rewarded some excellent Farmers doing extraordinary things. And the Gala Dinner was a hoot! See the gallery here.

We managed, I think, to tell the story of how Farmers are at the forefront of climate mitigation, that they should be rewarded and that the Market is increasing… Make your decisions on price.

We seemed to have captured the imagination of the audience too:

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic conference you put on in Albury last week, I am still thinking through the breadth and depth of information that was covered. You did say frequently that the speakers and topics were handpicked for their relevance and content and it was a privilege to not only hear the speakers but also to be able to discuss things with them over the few days”.

And this from young Riley, as she came back from the ‘after dinner party, party’ (approx. 4.30 am)

“The atmosphere at CFoA is completely different to other conferences. It feels as though 10-15% of the conference participants were also sharing the stage and hence, their knowledge and skills within the CFoA community. This isn’t typical! I’m used to having national and international authority figures speaking down to conference delegates – from some ‘random’ place of authority. Yet at CFoA it’s much more of a sharing and collaborative atmosphere”.

Wow, that makes me feel all the effort my team put in was well worth it.

Chuffed I am… A heart felt thank you to all again.

Have you seen the cover we’ve had in The Land? All the Carbon Cocky winners are in this week I believe. All doing amazing things…

Coupla’ new things:

  1. All our wonderful exhibitors are now up on the BRAND-NEW Carbon Farming Central Hub. This is the FIRST Carbon Farming Marketplace… If you missed them at the conference, check them out now – call them up, and ask ‘how can you help me in my Carbon Farming Future?’!
  2. ALSO, many of you have been asking about the Speakers presentations. Many have allowed us to share them and now you can relive them here… More could be coming soon!

We’ll also be sending delegates a small survey in the next day or so (with a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card).

So, what are you going to do from here?

  • Lobby the Government for better methods?
  • Ask the Clean Energy Regulator – what are the next steps to make the methods more accessible (watch this space as we do just that as well)
  • Get your Whole of Farm Carbon Plan – CFA is flat strap doing these now.
  • Get your project Registered?
  • Figure out what Activities you might use on your farm?

We still have many tasks in front of us to ‘mainstream’ the Carbon Farming industry. Engagement is key.

Just remember – Who are the heroes of Climate Change Mitigation?

You know the answer…

But also remember… They won’t hand it to you on a platter. Go get it.