Welcome to the era of the 'extremophiles'!

February 4, 2013 Louisa Kiely

An ‘extremophile’ is an organism that can live under extreme environmental conditions that most life forms would be unable to tolerate*. WOW, just like they have now got new ‘temperature’ colours on maps so we can show temps of over 50 degrees! Who knows what ‘adaptation’ traits, language and new measurements we may have to come up with! Hold onto your hats!

Question: What is the global warming potential of nitrous oxide ? How do you make money from it? 
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Voluntary and Mandatory Markets

The discussion about the ‘two markets’ is heating up as Australian politics makes it unclear as to wether or not we’ll have a mandatory market if the coalition wins (ie they scrap the carbon price). My view is that the Carbon Market is here to stay, and is a great vehicle for farmers to assist in the climate change mitigation. So our focus is on the long term, on making a market of the type that can become part of an enterprise mix for farmers, and be out of the reach of politics!

For a report on the role of the Voluntary Markets, see V Carbon News.

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Soil Carbon News

Guess what!? There IS an approved Soil Carbon Methodology – Its just not a ‘Carbon Farming Initiative’ one. 

This one is by the Voluntary Carbon Standard – a Standard APPROVED for use in Australia for projects. So, these guys have solved the issues our scientists and others have been struggling with. ALSO, they are keen to work in Australia. Still early days, but in our unwavering pursuit of unlocking the soil’s potential, we will be diligently persuing this as well!

From around the world

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We leave you now with this pearl of wisdom: “Men Argue, Nature Acts” – Voltaire. 

Yours, as ever – humble carbon servant. I can be reached on 02 6374 0329, or email louisa@carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au.

* Reported in Workman Publishing 2013, and included in Gary Reynolds ‘quick tips’ newsletter

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