WELL, THE RACE IS ON! Farmers vs Qantas

Hello! What race? What race is on? Well, I’m just back from the Carbon Conference in Melbourne and I’ve got a real sense of urgency for farmers.

Why? Because I’ve been rubbing shoulders with the likes of Qantas and Telstra – Who, by the way, are now your competitors.

How can Qantas be your competitor? Well, the Land Sector is no longer the only sector which can benefit from the carbon Trade. Qantas also can apply to earn carbon credits from fuel efficiency. And they intend to. From the same fund we want to access.

They are big – But the Land Sector is bigger! AND we are the only sector which has the capacity to store carbon – to actually scrub the air clean of CO2 – And Internationally our role is beginning to be noticed.

You know why? Because its important to keep the warming effect to no more than 2 degrees. – Its an target which is accepted world -wide. And it can’t be done without the land sector, and farmers control the soils!

But, there is no time to lose. We must engage with this to keep our position. I need your passion for the land, your business sense and your ideas. What are the best new ideas for increasing soil carbon and productivity?

Soil Carbon increase was one of the successful bids in the first round of the auction – But what does that mean? Can you be a part of it? What about your group? What sort of $$ is attached to this?

As ever, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell with any queries.