What, another elephant in the room??? 🐘 And it’s only January…

Another elephant in the room

Welcome to 2020 and… Happy New Year? Indeed… What a start – Drought, Water limitations and Fires. AND a huge outpouring of human kindness. I sincerely hope that kindness is reaching those most in need. My sympathies are with all who have suffered.

So, what’s the elephant in the room now?

It’s estimated that Australia’s climate has already warmed around 1.5 degrees, compared to 1 degree globally. Certainly, the rest of the world are looking at our situation and hoping to limit Global temperatures to the 1.5 degree increase. But will they act?

This is the climate with a temperature increase of 1 – 1.5 degrees. We have a full-blown crisis. Yet, the ‘powers that be’ are treating it as a one off, something to be managed now… Ignoring the fact that temperatures are still rising… If they rise 2 degrees or 3 as predicted, can we continue to ‘adapt’? Not in my opinion!

Without the mitigating effect of Regenerative Agriculture / Carbon Farming, no amount of money will be able to compensate for the issues that will arise.

The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is that future ADAPTATION will not be possible, without MITIGATION now. We must first take out the legacy load using photosynthetic activity.

The Government still has its ‘eyes wide shut’ on this issue and to treat this crisis like it’s a one-off event and that $2 billion takes us back to ‘Business as Usual’ is as dangerous as it is foolish.

Yet, back at the farm, Farmers must continue to supply good food/fibre… for those who want to eat. And for the survival of their business.

Luckily as reported (and now widely accepted), Regenerative Agriculture / Carbon Farming not only takes carbon out of the air, it also improves productivity. Thank God!

SO, WHAT is the answer?

Yes, Regenerative Farming must become mainstream, but it needs an income stream to reward the changes. Therefore, we believe one of the main things to be done is:

Put the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) and its Methods on Steroids - NOW

  • GRANTS for SOIL TESTING for a Carbon Project,
  • better methods
  • and some Education is all it needs now to really take off in a general sense
  • (oh and some rain!)

What can YOU do?

  • Make enquiries from Carbon Project developers as to what they offer – ask about Soil, Tree Plantings, as well as the well-known ‘Forest Regeneration’ projects.
  • Get on with the job of Registering your project and earning your carbon Credits.
  • Lobby your LLS (NSW) or other NRM bodies – WHAT are they doing to assist Farmers to MITIGATE the problem AND provide good food for the people? What do they need to know to assist Farmers finding a NEW ENTERPRISE from this?
  • Who has Grants programs out, and will your Carbon Project Partner support?
  • Ask your local Pollies – HOW are they helping to get the Carbon Farming and Trading enterprise going?

The MAIN thing is to ‘get going’. Engage with what we have, drive the industry and we will grow it.

As they say on the meerkat (comparison) ad. “Simples”.

CFA will continue to help as many Farmers as possible to bring their Carbon Farm Plan to reality – and search for those Funding Rounds to assist in the upfront costs which are holding the industry back.

More on that soon…