What does your Carbon Farming journey look like?

What does your Carbon Farming journey look like?

Here we are, one month after the BIGGEST Carbon Farming Conference and Expo ever!

Yep, that was exhausting, but exhilarating also. Thank you for all the kind words and support. Yep, just about over it now, and we’ve got WORK to do! Let’s get on with it… Let’s prove that Farmers are the heroes of the climate solutions.

So, what does YOUR Carbon Farm Plan look like?

At conference, we mainly explored the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) methods which allow an Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) to be earnt via:

  1. Tree Plantings and
  2.  Soil Carbon Increases.

This was because for the majority of Australian Farmers these are the two which are NOW AVAILABLE, AND can represent GOOD opportunities. Other methods are available – contact CFA for more information.

Our focus has always been for Farmers to be paid fairly to increase Soil Carbon. Now Tree Carbon Credits are also a good partner in this effort – and we need so much shade and shelter for livestock as the world warms.

As Project Service Providers, CFA is busy getting Farmers started in Soil Carbon and Tree Carbon Projects with the interest raised from the conference and beyond. From the number of enquiries I’m receiving, Farmers want to know more – and are willing to be involved if we keep the risks and costs down.

The process is paperwork heavy up front, so if you are looking to investigate the opportunities, don’t loose any time investigating the various elements:

  • What do I need to get a project Registered? (that can take up to 90 days alone)
  • Who will I work with? It’s pretty hard to implement one of these Projects on your Pat Malone at the moment – they’re complex when you first start.
  • What questions should I ask a Carbon Farming Service Provider? Find out here!
  • What are my upfront costs?
  • What will be my ‘new’ activity?
  • Where do I think the price of Carbon will go? (I must say I’m very optimistic about that side of it)

All of the above are important in your decision making. You are looking for a good partnership with a Service Provider.


This is a question I am often asked.



In response to the above question, we have set up the first CARBON Farming marketplace. As we said at the conference, CFA does NOT endorse any one product or process to assist you on your Soil Carbon or Tree Carbon journey.


To kick it off, I’ve got many of my exhibitors from the conference just waiting to answer your questions. Visit the Carbon Farming Central HUB and check it out. Don’t forget to let them know where you found their details.

Visit their websites, and ask questions – ‘What evidence do you have that your product/process improves Soil Carbon?’ … or ‘do you provide trees for a tree planting project?’.

Let me know how you go. Of course, I’m always up for a chat, so do give me a bell about any of the above… and YES, CFA is a fully qualified Carbon Farming Services Provider. Ask me what our process is.