What reminds you most of our connection to all things?

Ultimately, to what do we owe fertilisation, seed set, growth, and even carbon sequestration?

Sometimes in the ‘busi – ness’ of modern life, it’s easy to forget that all things are connected, that we ultimately return to earth, and that our connections are our lifeblood.

We are often being asked to slow down and smell the roses, but without this creature, where would the roses be?
How can it be that one small creature holds all this responsibility…? And while they are certainly very ‘busy’, they can easily be overlooked.

Well, we’ve decided to remind you.

Today I’m announcing (It is the season of announcing, is it not?) a unique and one-off sponsorship opportunity to celebrate the tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

As a commemoration of our tenth conference, we have commissioned well-known regional artist Jenny Bell to develop a work that embodies the heart and soul of regenerative farming —linking it to all things that speak to ensuring the resilience of the planet.

Jenny has recently been working with regenerative farmers and touring her works with Earth Canvas. Earth Canvas is the brainchild of the well-known regenerative farmer, Gill Sanbrook.

For a sneak preview of the work, sponsorship application, and the answer to our riddle, go to https://carbonfarmingconference.com.au/become-a-sponsor/the-art-of-carbon-farming-sponsor.

AND NOW, you can own this artwork.

This piece will look amazing where ever it is hung and will remind you of your connection with the smallest and largest (the planet) of things. The richness of the colours reflects the richness in our surroundings, the link between the green of photosynthesis and the earthy colours we love.

Banners based on the artwork, designed by Jenny Bell piece will be hung in the Conference Exhibition area, featured on the sponsor’s loop, and can also be displayed in the trade display of the sponsor.

What a great topic of discussion at your Trade Display if you are the lucky Sponsor!
Bees, busi-ness, connection, carbon, resilience, planet… WOW.

What is extra special for me is that we’ve all seen the usual digital expressions of carbon, or growth – trees, hands holding some earth with a plant coming out of it, etc, etc. These are all great, but this is NEW. This piece expresses it all in a way that both Landholders and others are able to relate to.

It’s BRILLIANT… Indeed, the Farm of the Future is here!

Lots more exciting things happening around the conference…

For example, have you heard of Timber Hubs? Come to hear what is happening in this exciting opportunity…

What is happening in the Biochar space with Carbon Farming…

And what of the cropping fraternity – are they cracking the code of carbon sequestration in the soil?

All will be revealed at the tenth National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

More soon… In the meantime, REGISTER, REGISTER, REGISTER. There are only 54 days to go!



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