Whats a 5-10 year Government guaranteed contract with a set price worth to you?

June 22, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Good Morning! I travelled to Melbourne last week, to attend the ‘ERF information’ sessions given by the Carbon Market Institute, under the auspices of the Clean Energy Regulator and the Department of the Environment (meet all of them at the conference!).

I wanted to make sure my information about the ERF was completely up to date. The meeting confirmed that I’m not dreaming – The mood in the room was definitely that we need to engage with the next round of the ERF to maintain any advantage – WHY? Let me count the ways:

1. The $2.55billion is finite at the moment. As in, no more. $660 million has already been spent!

2. A Senior climate change lawyer with Norton Rose has no doubt Government contracts signed under the ERF will be honoured. If you get a 10 year contract, you know what you’ve got for the next 10 years! These contracts have drought-proofed Western NSW for the next 10 years.

Is that worth investigating? NOW that is definitely worth investigating!!!

2. The next ERF auction ‘most likely’ to happen before the end of the year. No guarantee on timing for rounds after that – there may be another $660 Million in this round, or more!

So, Once you make an ‘educated guess’ that there WILL be one more auction before the end of the year, you arrive at around a Mid- Late November – much past that you run into all sorts of ‘end of year’ issues!

Given that, the indicative time line as developed by the Carbon Market Institute and unveiled at the information sessions confirms that it take 3- 4 months from Project Planning to putting in a bid to the auction.

You can see there is NO TIME TO WASTE!

But to find out exactly how to proceed you SHOULD REGISTER FOR THE NATIONAL CARBON FARMING CONFERENCE in Albury 7-10 July.

This conference is good timing for you to hear from expert speakers and exhibitors, who will help you understand the process!! You can get more information and register online http://www.carbonfarmingconference.com.au
Don’t forget to pick up the phone for a chat whenever you feel like it – 02 6374 0329


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