When I wish upon a star………..

September 20, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Ahhh………   Disney  –   How could it be that  you made me so happy in my childhood, and now, after all these years,  are doing the same again!

Not sure how many of you were bought up in the Disney era –  Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck,  Scrooge , Pluto, Daffy and all the wonderful movies.   They taught me that if you are good,  everything will work out – and you will live ‘happily ever after’.   OK, so there are times during my life that it has  seemed they were telling porkie pies (lies) –  and I may have just become cynical about those sentiments, but now, its all good again! 

What the heck?????  Well,   It appears Disney is leading the world in the Voluntary Carbon  Market!  Remember how I have said, time and again that we need the carbon market to get out of politics, and into a regular market situation – so that we don’t have heart attacks at each election wondering what is going to happen-  well,  here it is,  being driven by big business.  To read click here

Please then go to the Disney  site mentioned in the newsletter and Note:

1.They are committed and its part of business. 

2. They have an ‘internal pricing program’   This sets the price they are willing to pay- which, dear reader is $11- $14-   a very realistic price.   

 3. “We like projects that have co-benefits and side benefits in addition to
just pure GHG benefits,” says Disney. “We’re really drawn to forestry
projects and we’re really drawn to reforestation projects in particular
that have watershed protection, habitat rehabilitation as well as a GHG
component. A bulk of our money is spent on forestry projects.”    What would I give to sit infront of them and tell them about the win/win of soil carbon!!  They would be blown away.   I would say  “how would you like to assist to recapitalise your soils, and the soils of the world so they can withstand the increases in temperature and rain variability that is coming,  to ensure food security in your country?”. 

4. I have a suggestion for our new Government  –  How about spending a few mill on educating big business about the benefits of internal carbon pricing – so they will assist with the 5% target, and higher targets after that.  Offer incentives to do so to get it started.

It all just proves everything I knew “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true”!!!!!!!!!   Now, I have a dream of meeting with Disney’s  carbon team –  and I have LOTS of stars to choose from out here in the country. 

Onwards,  today with a lighter heart……………

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