When is the CFI not the CFI? When its the ERF!

March 30, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Hello and G’day!   

Yes, here we are – A new year, a new policy.  Direct Action off and running, and the first round of the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) announced.   $2.55 billion over the next 4 years or so to be spent. 

However, as foretold late last year, the Land Sector has much competition now.  Farmers are used to competing with other Land holders, but did we ever think that we’d be competing with the Industrial Sector?     We need to be knowledgeable  and pro-active to compete with the City Methodologies now.  

We are determined to  keep the Carbon Trade in Rural and Regional Australia – add to the $40Million already flowing into the Central West of NSW  – but there is much to learn and do!

The good news is that the Land Sector has the MOST methods approved, with a few more good ones coming. But how to choose what to put in on your farm? 

To make this choice easy, we have developed the idea of the ‘whole of farm carbon audit’ – Whereby you look at the potentials against your own operation and ‘choose’  what might suit you.  Click here to get your copy of the document. 

ALSO – we are conferencing again!  This time in Albury – another great Rural and Regional Centre.   We are the only ‘grass roots’ conference in Australia and we will showcase REAL farmers doing these ‘methods’.

More than the name for the policy has changed!  Come to find out more. The first round of the ERF will be over, and we will know the outcome.   Get into the second round to get your fair share of the $2.55 billion.  Click here to get the flyer.   Put the dates in your diary! 

As ever, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell with any queries. I’m on 02 6374 0329. 



Direct Action policy and the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) – Can you be a winner? – Webinar.

Now Available on line.

It covers: 

  • What is the Direct Action Climate Policy? 
  • What has changed in the Carbon Farming Initiative? 
  • What projects can now be developed – An update on CFI/ERF  methodologies
  • How do I get started? 

To purchase: click here 

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