Where have all the bubbles gone? Back to work!

January 24, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Gosh – What a welcome 2013 has had for us – Hottest Day on record, wet, wet, wet up north, dry dry dry Central West NSW. Its all leading to a refreshing of the ‘climate change’ discussion, but with events looking more and more like the models predicted, the desire to at least have an approach of ‘insurance’ in case it might be real.

Let’s hope the SOIL takes its rightful place in the solutions!

TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENTS – Webinars now in session!

How do you find the time to become well informed about ‘carbon farming’ and 
the ‘Carbon Farming Initiative’, so you can make decisions around engaging? 

Enrol at an upcoming Webinar right now! We have over 3 years teaching experience
in this area, and have been involved since the very inception in carbon farming and the Agricultural Carbon Trade.

We have developed 4 great, 1.5 hour webinars to take you from ‘what the heck?’ to ‘ah, now I understand’. The Webinars are timed so you can get your work done, come inside, crack a cold one and take in the knowledge we have gained over 8 hard years! No need to leave home, or even comb your hair!

After this, you will be able to attend the ADVANCED webinars, where we go into detail on the 
Steps required to put a Project in on Farm, and delve deeper into the workings of the Carbon Market. Carbon Farmers of Australia has achieved their Australian Financial Services Licence to be able to bring to you this advanced knowledge.

To see our Training Credentials please click here.

So, we see the USA talking things up with Obama’s first Speech

They may have no cap and trade nationally, but California is leading the way. Also, this DRAFT ‘weighty’ doco shows that some in the USA are now not mincing their words about climate change. We have procured 3 of the major chapters of this book and these are available at our site under Resources. We will continue to add to these very regularly as we know you are time poor and I know where to look for them!

We are now a proud holder of AFS licence!

Licence number 430 135. We are proud to announce that on the 21st December 2012, Carbon Farmers of Australia P/L was awarded an Australian Financial Services Licence, for Carbon! 

This means we are able to talk with farmers about financial aspects of Trading in Carbon – and about Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s). Follow the links to view our acceptance letter and license

An ACCU has been deemed a financial product, and anyone who wishes to talk about any aspect of Trade in regards to an ACCU needs to have an AFSL. This licence requires us to be audited annually, hold lots of insurances and other fairly rigorous requirements. However, while this compliance is strict, it does give Landholders a level of comfort if they deal with a company which holds one.

To see if a company you are dealing with has one, click here.

TRANSFORCE BULK HAULAGE, our ‘carbon neutral’ Truckie

The ‘Prime Movers’ of the Industry have taken notice and Steve Fieldus made the front page of the prestigious ‘Prime Mover’ magazine. Stay tuned for the great work he’ll be doing this year in ‘cleaning up’ the Trucking Industry.

Sign of the times

UK company looking for investment funds to put into Australian Carbon Project. If they come knocking on your door, ask for the holder of the AFS licence, just for starters. To find out WHO has a AFS licence, click here  – Look us up if you like!

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