Would you like carbon credits with that? Or perhaps biodiversity credits?

Opportunities for landholders in the Carbon Farming/Natural Capital space multiply!

Learn all about them at the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

“I knew it, I knew it!” … FARMERS are the VIPs in the Net-Zero by 2050 challenge!

We started with the Carbon Farming Initiative, (CFI) which is the overarching legislation. This has allowed the development of ‘methods’ under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

Soil Carbon was one of the first methods developed, in 2014, but it has gone through an evolution to arrive at the 2021 method – much more sophisticated, more ‘new activities’ included, and moving to exciting changes in the ‘how to’ and cost of Soil Carbon measurements.

In the Tree Planting space, the method which enables farmers/landholders to plant trees (think improved shade and shelter, edge effect, and other biodiversity benefits) has been streamlined. It is now MUCH easier to do a project under this method. Have a squizz at this page from the Clean Energy Regulator.

Additionally, since then, the role of Farmers as ‘carbon abatement heroes’ has gained attention.

It’s become apparent that in addition to sequestering carbon in trees and soil, Farmers are also the stewards of the land AND they have very valuable pockets of ‘Remnant Vegetation’ that is highly worthy of being protected. Biodiversity benefits for all.

Q: How do you get a message to a farmer?
A: On a cheque! (…ok, so maybe via direct debit these days!)

Armed with this realisation, the Federal Government – in both Minister Angus Taylor’s office and Minister David Littleproud’s office – has been working to ensure Farmers can be paid for their ecosystem services. YAY!

Importantly: Agriculture Minister David Littleproud yesterday introduced a Bill to enable farmers to create and trade biodiversity protection certificates. The government expects private investors will be the primary buyers of the new certificates, but part six of the Bill also provides for the government to buy them, for example through ERF-stye purchasing rounds, if it chooses to do so.

“Australia’s farmers are some of the most important stewards of our land and environment,” Littleproud told Parliament.

This is the BIGGIE at the moment. Details are scant, but we will be seeking a representative to explain all at the Conference.

Add to this other schemes coming online:

  • Stewardship payments
  • Remnant vegetation payments
  • ACCUs plus biodiversity

But wait… there’s more!

What about international methods? How might they translate to Australia?

One’s head starts to spin. I don’t think even I dared to believe we could be so rich in opportunities. Yet, there is work to do to ensure everyone who wants to can take part.

Luckily there is a Carbon Farming Conference and Expo in May in Albury to help explain it all!

This, along with all the other Innovative thinking you will be exposed to at the conference will ensure that the next Minister of Agriculture and Minister of the Environment will be in no doubt that the Farmers of Australia stand ready, willing, and able to meet and exceed any ambitious emissions reduction targets – while adapting to a changing climate.

That ought to be worth a few $billion!!

Over the next weeks, I’ll be exploring different aspects of the conference, including insights into speakers/exhibitors and more.


Opportunity Knocks!!

Would you like a greater understanding of Carbon Farming and the Carbon Markets? Would you like to work in the industry?
Do you consider yourself a hardworking, proactive individual?
Are you motivated by challenges, a good problem solver and possess great communication skills?

Carbon Farmers of Australia Pty Ltd (CFA) is seeking such a person. Ideally, in addition to the above, you will have good attention to detail, be well organised, have reasonable presentation skills and be able to travel.

If you fit the above criteria, CFA is looking for YOU!!!

CFA is a well know, full service Carbon Farming Project Developer. They also run Australia’s only Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

This role will be to assist the Director, Louisa Kiely, to conduct the next Carbon Farming Conference & Expo in May 2022, and subsequently to assist in all CFA projects.

Prior knowledge of the ERF/CFI not required, as full training will be provided. Position can be remote with flexible hours for the right person.

Please contact me for more details or to apply:
Louisa Kiely
0417 280 540

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